10 Home Improvement Tips to Increase your Property Value

10 Home Improvement Tips to Increase your Property Value

  1. Natural Appeal

An easy and affordable improvement you can make is to clean up the landscape around your home.  For a few hundred dollars you can invest in cutting back trees, planting flowers and bushes and improving the appearance of the yard.  Having a pristine, attractive yard will help establish a better value for your property.

  1. Bathroom Upgrades

While not as inexpensive as planting a tree, bathroom remodeling can be relatively affordable with a desirable return.  Focus on improvements that will transform the bathroom like installing high quality tile flooring or updating from wallpaper to a more modern wall finish.  Granit or marble countertops are a great improvement for any room in the house.  The bathroom sink is much smaller of a surface than your kitchen counters and can be a more affordable upgrade to start with. Don’t forget to consider the functionality of the restroom.  Consider plumbing improvements as a way to update the bathroom. 
  1. Energy Efficient Improvements

Installing energy efficient fixtures like new ceiling fans and energy star certified windows can increase the value of your home, while also saving you money!  Energy efficient entry doors, windows, and ceiling fans can all increase the value of your home.  How about adding a storm door to the entryway?Tips to Increase your Property ValueEnergy Efficient Doors Another modern home improvement to maximize energy efficiency is the installation of skylights and suntubes, (Small cut out in the ceiling that allows natural light to shine down).  Creating ways to benefit from natural light will save you from using overhead lights and lamps. Did you know energy efficient doors and windows can get you a tax credit
  1. Build a Sunroom

An obvious way to increase value is to add square footage to your home.  You can take an existing deck and convert the structure into an enclosed space, or start from scratch and build a window filled addition.  A sunroom is a great multi-purpose living space that can be used for dining, entertaining, and of course relaxing. Learn how to build a sunroom


  1. Upgrade your Kitchen

The thought alone of remodeling a kitchen can be overwhelming and pricey.  Start small by tackling one appliance at a time.  Make a list of your kitchen appliances in order of priority and start by replacing the oldest one first.Another wise project to invest in is resurfacing your cabinets.  Replacing them with new cabinets is an expensive buy, but for 1/3 of the cost you can find a company that will refinish the wood to give it a well needed facelift.Don’t forget about the hardware!  A new sink faucet is a great way to update the kitchen with an affordable purchase.Tips to Increase your Property Value
  1. Regular Maintenance is Important

Keep up with your home by servicing things regularly.  It’s easy to let your small projects accumulate with the mindset of “I’ll get around to it.”  The best practice to sustain the value of your home is to keep everything in tip-top shape.  This can be done by taking care of rain gutters, leaks, rust, and deterioration before they become a major problem.

  1. New Paint goes a Long Way

A fresh coat of paint can provide a well needed make over.  Painting the entire interior of a home may not be an option, but a few rooms is doable.  We recommend focusing on high traffic rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom.  Make sure to choose neutral colors if you have plans to resell in the near future.  It’s much easier for prospective home buyers to imaging their new house with a simplified canvas. 
  1. Replace the Roof

The roof is one of the most important exterior factors that determines the value of your home.  The condition of the roof speaks to the durability of the house.  The roof is also an integral component of the exterior aesthetic.  Invest in a high quality and attractive roof material to increase your property value. 
  1. Finish your Basement

We listed adding square footage to the main level of the house with a sunroom, but you can also increase the square footage by refinishing your basement.  Why not transform existing space into a comfortable environment that can be used for more than laundry and storage?  For smaller houses or townhomes, a refinished basement provides an additional room for entertaining. 
  1. Replace your Garage Door

Keep in mind how your home looks from the street view.  The exterior appearance is an influential factor in calculating your property value.  As the first glimpse people get of your house, it deserves more attention.  Improve your curb appeal by upgrading your garage door.  It takes up a good amount of surface space on the exterior and should be just as attractive as the rest of the house.Tips to Increase your Property Value For more information on what kind of return your home improvement projects will bring you, check out 2016 Cost vs. Value report here.  

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