Winterize your Deck. Preparing your Deck for Winter

Winterize Deck. Prepare Deck for Winter this Fall. Protect Deck from Winter

The fall is a season for celebration of the harvest, but also a time to prepare.  The latest home improvement trends lean toward a focus on outdoor living. With our outdoor living spaces so near and dear to our hearts, we have to care for them throughout the seasons.  Even though patios and decks are… Read more »

Putting the Customer First with Modern Home Improvement Companies

Customer First Home Improvement Company

Customer service standards evolve with the times.  In today’s world poor customer service spreads like wildfire.  Sharing technology such as Facebook and Titter transformed word of mouth to word of post!   With this publicizing culture, companies face the pressure of providing outstanding customer service.  Home Improvement Companies come from a ‘set it and forget it’ attitude towards customers… Read more »

5 Outdoor Living Trends

Outdoor Living Trends

Outdoor Living Trends are Inside Out New outdoor living trends marry indoor comforts and design within an outdoor setting.  Traditional outdoor living spaces can be categorized as minimalist, rustic, and natural, much like the environment.  New trends call for an outdoor extension of the indoor living space.  Work on making your outside personalized, welcoming, and much… Read more »

5 Fall Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Projects

The fall is a great time tackle home improvement projects.  Start by inspecting the insulation of your attic.  If your insulation is of poor quality or not at the right level, your heater will have to work extra hard to keep your house warm.  The attic is a key factor in the energy efficiency of… Read more »

5 Fall Maintenance Tips  

Home Maintenance Tips

  With the change of season comes the itch to rejuvenate our households.  Spring and fall are even more motivating times of year because they represent a transition into extreme heat and extreme cold respectively.  They are innovating seasons in which we prepare for the next.  With the fall rapidly approaching, we wanted to share… Read more »