Honey Do Checklist for Fall and Winter

honey do checklist. fall and winter home maintenance.

Preparing for winter is a specialized activity, especially in places that face extreme weather conditions. If you avoid preparing, you face additional challenges. Create your honey do checklist early for a safe and healthy winter. A honey do checklist for fall and winter will definitely help you. Make sure to check all of the boxes… Read more »

Responsible Home Owners Need a Deck Safety Inspection Every Year

deck safety inspection. importance of deck safety

Do you own a deck?  The information in this article applies to every home owner with a deck in their outdoor living space.  Whether you use your deck frequently or barely at all, there is a safety concern that we are all responsible for addressing.  Here is helpful information we all need to know about… Read more »

Gourd-geous Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas for your Table

Thanksgiving Centerpiece. Thanksgiving decor ideas

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the leaves fall and we prepare to celebrate the harvest.  Thanksgiving brings family and friends to the table for delicious food and grateful sentiments.  When decorating your table, forget about the old candlesticks and grocery store floral arrangement.  This year, add some seasonal sophistication to your table… Read more »

Don’t Just Rake; Go Green and Compost Leaves this Fall

Rake Leaves. Compos Leaves. Fall Maintenance

  Every fall we spend hours raking our yards.  That’s because leaving the leaves can be damaging to the grass.  It also makes the yard look messy.  Growing up, we raked the leaves and stuffed them into big black plastic bags to set out with the garbage.  Now that we understand the importance of recycling,… Read more »

History of Jack-o’-Lanterns- Classic Halloween Porch Decorations

Jack-o'-lanterns. boost curb appeal. fall porch decorations

Every October American families pick pumpkins as part of a Halloween tradition.  Days before ol Hallow’s eve, we carve the pumpkins, creating spooky lanterns that line our entryways.  So, where did this tradition come from?  There are quite a few explanations for the jack-o’-lanterns; which one do you believe?   Stingy Jack Folklore Stingy Jack was… Read more »