How to Remove Old Deck Stains

No outdoor living space can escape the withering effects of continuous exposure to changing weather, moisture or sunlight. Even the best solid-finished deck can eventually flake away and lose its original shine and appeal over time. When your deck faces this ugly truth, it is a prerequisite to remove old deck stains first to give… Read more »

4 Easy Steps in Maintaining Stamped Concrete

Decorative concrete is probably one of the most popular hardscapes today, be it indoor or outdoor floor projects. Though this material requires a little upkeep, maintaining stamped concrete is still essential to extend its service life and preserve its look. Like any other conventional concrete and pavements, stamped concrete needs your attention and care, so… Read more »

Water Damage- The Silent Home Killer

water damage, water damaging home

Water damage is a serious¬†problem for a homeowner. Make sure to immediately deal with pipes bursting, heavy rain, and snow melting. The problem is water gets behind your walls and under your floors where you can not see or reach. Water in your home¬†will cause thousands of dollars in damage to upholstery, flooring, wooden furniture,… Read more »

Best Tips to Get Rid of Mice in your Home

getting rid of mice, exterminating mice

Mice can be cute little rodents, but that does not mean we want to share our homes with them. They spread disease through their urine and feces and can do serious damage to the wood in your home with their nibbling teeth. Many people do not like the thought of using a good ole fashioned… Read more »

How Gutter Guards Protect your Home

gutter guard, install gutter guards

The gutter system installed on your home plays a vital role in protecting the structural integrity and value of your house. Problems will occur when your gutter system clogs with twigs, pine needles, and leaves. Gutter guards are designed to protect your gutter from filling with annoying debris. It is also much safer to install… Read more »