How To Remove Old Deck Stains

remove old deck stains

No outdoor living space can escape the withering effects of continuous exposure to changing weather, moisture, or sunlight. Even the best solid-finished deck can eventually flake away and lose its original shine and appeal over time. When your deck faces this ugly truth, it is probably the best time to remove old deck stains and apply a new one…. Read more »

4 Easy Steps in Maintaining Stamped Concrete

maintaining stamped concrete

Decorative concrete is probably one of the most popular hardscapes today, be it indoor or outdoor floor projects. Though this material requires a little upkeep, maintaining stamped concrete is still essential to extend its service life and preserve its look. Like any other conventional concrete and pavements, stamped concrete needs your attention and care, so… Read more »

Ways To Remove Concrete Stains

Concrete Stains

Concrete has its porous nature which makes it very susceptible to a lot of exposure and environmental conditions. Its very nature has the tendency to penetrate any liquid or solvents, causing spots or stains. Even the well-preserved driveway, patio or any concrete floor experience the weathering effects of stains. And the best cure is to… Read more »

Safely Clean Your Deck

Clean Your Deck

Most people probably think the rain rinses your deck clean.  Sadly, water acts as the number one threat to a healthy wooden deck.  Every year your deck endures damage from weather, foot traffic, and whatever furniture it supports.  Learn about the safest and most effective way to clean your deck.  When you safely clean your… Read more »

Water Damage- The Silent Home Killer

water damage

Water damage is a serious problem for a homeowner. Make sure to immediately deal with pipes bursting, heavy rain, and snow melting. The problem is water gets behind your walls and under your floors where you can not see or reach. Water in your home will cause thousands of dollars in damage to upholstery, flooring, wooden furniture,… Read more »