Reasons why Deck Power Washing is Harmful

power washing, deck refinish, deck repiar

Power washing is a very popular technique that many companies and homeowners use to clean decks. Unfortunately this technique will damage your deck instead of help maintaining it. The problem occurs when people set the pressure too high, use the wrong technique, or install the wrong tip for their pressure washer. Also the older the wood,… Read more »

Railing Design Trend- Glass Railings

glass railing. modern decking design trend, new deck railing

Glass railings are a newer trend in deck railing.  Before you construct your deck, consider that there are at least three choices for railing. Perhaps the most modern choice for railings, glass railings come in a variety of styles, each of which brings something different to your deck. So, with that in mind, we will… Read more »

How to prevent a slippery deck in cold weather

remove ice on your deck, prevent slippery winter deck surface

Slipping accidents are a nightmare because falls can cause broken bones and scrapes.  With all the ice and water build-up of winter, your deck can quickly become one enormous slipping hazard, and so it is important to protect your guests and yourself from falls.  What can you do to remove ice and keep from slipping? … Read more »

Guidelines for Deck Building-How to Plan your Deck Project

deck building project, building a deck

Deck building can be a confusing process when planning alone without talking with professionals. The functionality you are looking to achieve is most important. An entertainment area for friends or just a small area to sit both need proper planning. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done before any construction can start…. Read more »

How to Design the Perfect Deck for Outdoor Entertaining.

outdoor entertaining. how to entertain outside. deck and patio design

Maintaining a home is hard work but can be very rewarding as well. The majority of rooms in a house are based on functional needs. It is nice to have areas outside to enjoy though as well. Decks provide the perfect area for so many memories to be made. From tiki torches to hammocks lets take a look at… Read more »