Outdoor Spa: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Hot Tub

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Are you considering adding a hot tub to your deck?  Many home owners enjoy the relaxation of an outdoor spa.  Whether you plan on building a new deck with a hot tub or installing a hot tub in your existing deck, there are quite a few important factors to consider.  Hot tubs are large, heavy… Read more »

The Perfect Trim-How to Landscape Around Your Deck

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Our decks mark the entertaining spaces driving outdoor living.  As such, they serve as extensions of the home.  They also host the transition from the house into the backyard.  We spend lots of time refinishing, decorating, and furnishing our decks.  In addition to the deck itself, the surrounding area also needs attention.  In order to… Read more »

‘Deckorating’ Ideas- 7 Best Deck Accessories to Enhance your Outdoor Living Space

It’s time to deckorate!  Do you have a deck that needs some sprucing up?  In addition to refinishing services, consider adding some personal flare with modern deck accessories.  Decking has come a long way with the evolution of composite wood alternative.  Modern architecture also influences deck building.  Design development paired with the growing love of… Read more »

Create Privacy on Your Deck

Outdoor living inspires peaceful relaxation and dynamic entertaining.  We love the natural, open environment of a back deck.  The question is, how open should your deck be?  Unlike the rooms inside your house, there are no walls.  However, plenty of solutions provide well-needed backyard privacy for home owners enjoying their deck.  Whether you like reading… Read more »

Modern Decking Designs: The New Balusters

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What You’ll Learn in this Blog: What are Deck Balusters Traditional Balusters New Baluster Inspirations   There are many parts that make up a deck.  Usually the most visible part is the railing.  In addition to providing safety for elevated decks, railings enhance the architectural aesthetic.  The rails are the first thing you see when walking… Read more »