How to Build a Concrete Landing Pad for Deck Steps

concrete pad, deck landing pad, building deck steps

Deck steps are typically the last stage in the deck building process.  During this phase, step building includes securing the steps to the ground.  You have a few choices for attaching them safely.  The method we explore in this blog uses a concrete pad to create a landing.  Follow these helpful tips and advice to successfully… Read more »

Benefits of Building a Covered Deck

covered deck, deck building

Do you enjoy the warmth of the great outdoors without the beaming sunlight?  Consider outdoor living spaces with some shelter.  Pergolas are great, but they have openings.  The best way to protect your outdoor living space is to build a covered deck.  Covered decks work on ground levels and as an elevated deck.  With different… Read more »

Annapolis Deck Repair: Restoring Decks Along the Chesapeake Bay

Annapolis deck repair, restore deck in Annapolis, deck building

The beautiful bay-side town of Annapolis harbors plenty of deck baring homes.  For home owners living on the Chesapeake Bay, what better way to enjoy the outdoor life than from a deck in your own backyard.  With breathtaking views and enjoyable climates, the warmer months call for plenty of deck-going.   Deck in Bad Shape? Over time,… Read more »

Baltimore Deck Repair

Baltimore deck repair, repair your deck in Baltimore

Do you have an aging, old deck in need of repair?  For home owners living in the Greater Baltimore area, there is a professional solution.  With the city’s notorious roof decks, and the thousands of backyard decks, plenty of home owners find themselves in this pickle.Baltimore deck repair companies offer a specialized service for deck… Read more »

What are the Most Common Deck Floor Designs?

decking design, how to build a deck,deck building

Not all decks are built the same.  Builders choose what kind of floor design to make.  We sometimes overlook the designs if they are simple and subtle.  In other cases, the design stands out as a decorative element of the deck.  Whether you build a new deck or replace the flooring of an existing structure,… Read more »