Enjoy a New Composite Deck in 2017

new composite deck. build a composite deck in 2017

This year is the year!  You know you want a better outdoor living space and a new deck is the key.  If you are building new, you might as well consider wood alternative decking. That’s right, we mean composite.   Composite decking comes with plenty of benefits that make it the premium decking choice.  In addition… Read more »

Composite Decking Promotes Sustainable Living

recycled composite decking, sustainable decking, green products

As conscientious consumers, we want to feel good about the purchases we make.  When we make a positive impact through buying things we want, it’s a win-win.  Larger purchases, like with home remodeling rarely impact anyone outside of the home owners.  Well, that’s not the case with recycled composite decking.  Manufacturers produced composite decking to provide… Read more »

Safely Clean Your Deck

deck cleaning, safe deck cleaning, deck wash

Most people probably think the rain rinses your deck clean.  Sadly, water acts as the number one threat to a healthy wooden deck.  Every year your deck endures damage from weather, foot traffic, and whatever furniture it supports.  Learn about the safest and most effective way to clean your deck.  When you invest in safe… Read more »

Get a Free Estimate on Your New Deck

new deck estimate, free consultation

Are you moving into a new home and interested in adding some character to the backyard?  Or maybe you decided it’s time to finally build that outdoor living space you’ve always wanted.  We are talking about adding a brand new deck to your home.  With the evolution of decking, today’s home owner faces a world… Read more »

Natural Deck Restoration- Restore Your Deck to Its Natural Beauty

natural wood deck restoration, restore your wooden deck, Deck Ready restoration

Wooden decks require lots of maintenance.  Home owners invest the time and effort to keep their wooden decks attractive.  Some deck services focus on preserving the natural appearance of the wood.  If you like a natural look, consider deck revival.  Natural deck restoration revives the original beauty of your natural wood deck.   What is Natural… Read more »