Tips for How to Prevent Mold on your Deck

prevent mold. mold on deck. how to clean mold on deck

Mold is actually a generic term that includes fungi, algae, yeast and bacteria. Mold on decks is a health hazard as people breathe in the mold spores. It also makes  the deck slippery and unattractive.  Wooden decks require constant maintenance to preserve their beauty.  Part of deck maintenance is removing and preventing mold. Home owners… Read more »

6 Common Composite Decking Problems

composite decking. composite problems. trex deck. vinyl decking

Composite decking is all the rage.  We love the idea of maintenance free and don’t mind paying extra for that convenience.  Composite has been around for years and in that time, plenty of advancements have been made to improve the brand and products.  However, like any material, there are still a few problems that you… Read more »

The Difference Between Wood Stain and Wood Paint

wood stain. wood paint. staining wood

Do you have a wooden project that needs to be painted with a new coating?  If so, should you use wood stain or wood paint?  Well, what exactly is the difference?  While both products apply a colored coverage to your wood, they serve different functions and coat the wood differently. Selecting between wood stain and… Read more »

Fast Guide to 3 Types of Wood Decking Material

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Decks extend the outdoor living space by offering a desirable platform for dining, grilling, and relaxing.  We love the natural character of a traditional wooden deck.  Composite is great, but there is something special about the craftsmanship of a wood built structure.  Interested in installing a wooden deck?   If so, you’ll have to choose what… Read more »

How Performing a Deck Inspection Will Improve The Safety of Your Home

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From 2000 through 2006, 179 decks were reported to have collapsed that left 33 people dead and another 1,122 injured. One of the main reasons so many problems occur with decks is because homeowners do not keep up with maintenance. On top of that, many homeowners build their own decks with little experience in home… Read more »