How to Build a Deck on a Hill; Hillside Deck Building Tips

hillside deck building tips. how to build a deck on a slope

Building a deck is a complicated project, especially when that deck extends over an incline.  Hillside deck building requires careful planning. Hopefully, this blog will help you start this difficult project.  However, there are different building codes, and you may need more information in your deck’s construction.  Or, you might need more information about a… Read more »

Top 5 best grills for your deck

To avoid general maintenance issues with your deck it is important to purchase a grill that will hold its value. With so many grills on the market it can be confusing as to which one is the best grill for your deck.  We have compiled a list of 5 grills that will go great on your… Read more »

Benefits of Installing a Privacy Fence

privacy fence. install fencing. refinish fence

While making decisions about the boundary of your property it is useful to understand the benefits of a privacy fence.   Safety A privacy fence proves beneficial not only to keep your family safe, but also to ensure your pets safety. A strong fence can keep away intruders and provide extra security to your home. If… Read more »

Best Tips for Fence Repair of Wooden Fences

fence repair tips and practices. how to refinish your fence.

A fence is an expensive investment and should be kept up and maintained as much as possible. It takes years for deterioration but with some harsh storms and cold winters a fence can fade quickly. Follow these fence repair steps to bring back the warm glow in your fence. Begin by cleaning fence Get all… Read more »

Best Gazebo Building Tips

gazebo building. how to build a gazebo. gazebo trends

Traditional gazebos consist of octagonal structures with open or covered sides. The structure usually depends on the functions it is meant to perform. There are so many types and styles of gazebos. When you build a gazebo, first determine what kind of gazebo you want based on functions and design preferences. Here are a few… Read more »