How to Remove Old Deck Stains

No outdoor living space can escape the withering effects of continuous exposure to changing weather, moisture or sunlight. Even the best solid-finished deck can eventually flake away and lose its original shine and appeal over time. When your deck faces this ugly truth, it is a prerequisite to remove old deck stains first to give… Read more »

6 Warning Signs of a Dangerous Deck and How to Repair It

You might have heard about the usual “horror stories” of deck failure, and this is nowhere close to impossibility. According to InterNACHI, among 40 million existing decks, only 40% are considered safe. Each year, over two million decks are built and refurbished in North America, and one of the major reasons of deck failure is… Read more »

10 Things You Need to Consider Before Building a New Deck

Spring is already in full swing, and we know that you didn’t get enough time outside during winter. No excuse, the good weather is here. Just like how the seasons change, your outdoor living space needs a little upgrade. Whether you are planning to create a new deck or replacing the existing one, adding an… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Wood Decking

Whether you are building or replacing a deck, choosing the right material is very critical. A sturdy, durable and efficient material can make a well-constructed deck, which can remain stable for a decade or even more. That is why one of the first crucial steps in deck building is understanding which material perfectly suits your… Read more »

15 Amazing Ways to Improve the Style of Your Deck

Curb appeal plays a vital role in dealing with any outdoor project. It is the first thing your guests notice before they enter your main house. In fact, it is considered a key selling point when you are planning to market your house in the future. Admit it or not, a cliché is true when… Read more »