What Type Of Wood Decking Board Is Right For Your Home?

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A wood deck is undoubtedly a quintessential addition to your home. A spacious, well-crafted deck is not only a perfect haven for outdoor relaxation and family gatherings, but it also enhances your property’s curb appeal and resale value. In the event that you decide to market your home for sale, a wooden deck can potentially… Read more »

Comparative Guide: Choosing The Best Composite Decking Brand

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With supplies of natural timber steadily diminishing—particularly the demands for wood species with natural resistance to pests and decay such as cedar and redwood—composite materials are increasingly growing in popularity as perfect choices for outdoor living spaces. Made in various forms and structures, from PVC plastic, solid composites, to a combination of natural wood and… Read more »

How To Choose The Best Composite Decking Color

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Now that you have finally decided that you’re going to build a composite deck, the next step is to choose the right color for your outdoor living space. At first glance, picking the best composite decking color seems challenging. It is probably a big decision, and the choices abound. From light-colored composite boards to tonal… Read more »

9 Tips For Choosing The Best Composite Decking

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When winter ends, homeowners in Maryland tend to shell out a lot of money to get their deck back to its original shape and appearance. Due to harsh weather conditions, your deck suffers from wear and tear—forcing you to revive it from the dead of winter. However, you can reduce this high-maintenance cost and frequent… Read more »

Wood vs Composite Decking: Which One Is Better?

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As you start to plan for your dream deck, one of the most challenging decisions you need to face is to choose the type of decking and material to use. While deck options abound, two of the most popular choices are wood and composite decking. The first type of decking offers the feel and appeal… Read more »