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How to Install a Bow Window

bow window. how to install a bow window

Replacing a bow window in your home is incredibly important to do the right way the first time. Make sure you have all of the tools needed before beginning. If install is not properly done the window will breathe air and not maintain its quality for as long. Water damage can also occur if the… Read more »

How to Get a Basement Remodeling Estimate

basement remodeling. basement estimate

It can be intimidating to find an estimate for remodeling your basement.  Start by understanding that total costs can run anywhere from $5,000 to $60,000.  Most of that cost is labor.  So, if part of the project is simple, it may be wise to complete it yourself.  Unfortunately, the combination of knowledge required often calls for a… Read more »

4 Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof

metal roof. benefits of installing a metal roof.

Deciding whether to use a metal roof can be difficult.  Many home owners install asphalt shingle roofs.  So many, that you may not give using asphalt shingling a second thought.  However, metal roofing offers many benefits.  Often, metal roofing is the better choice.  Here are just four benefits of installing a metal roof. 1. Longevity… Read more »

Basement Remodeling- Transform your Basement into a Home Theater

home theater. ideas for remodeling a basement. basement remodel trends

A home theater is a great addition to many homes that can increase resale value.  In many cases, the best place to put a home theater is in the basement.  Basements are often darker and quieter than the rest of the house. Dark, quiet spaces are paramount for movie watching.  Here are some tips for… Read more »

Quick Tips for Waterproofing your Basement

basement waterproofing. prevent mold and mildew in basement

Water is the home’s number one enemy, and one of the easiest places for water to make its way into your home is through your basement. No one wants a wet basement. Water can cause mold, mildew, wood rot, paint damage, and other things too. But, we cannot stop mother nature from giving us the… Read more »