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Plan Your 2017 Home Project Wish List

Say good bye to 2016.  With the new year comes a blank slate for home remodeling.  The beginning of the year is the best time to survey the house and make plans for the projects you want to accomplish.  With so many upgrades and renovation options, its best to streamline the process.  Here are a… Read more »

Top 8 Signs You Need Your Siding Replaced

siding replaced, old siding, siding problems

Every home has multiple layers of protection, starting with the outermost layer.  For the walls of the house, the exterior layer is siding.  As the first line of defense against weather elements, your siding has an important job.  Regardless of what brand and quality siding you choose, aging and damage become a problem over time…. Read more »

Create Privacy on Your Deck

Outdoor living inspires peaceful relaxation and dynamic entertaining.  We love the natural, open environment of a back deck.  The question is, how open should your deck be?  Unlike the rooms inside your house, there are no walls.  However, plenty of solutions provide well-needed backyard privacy for home owners enjoying their deck.  Whether you like reading… Read more »

How the Internet of Things is Changing Homes

internet of things, home connectivity, home technology

The internet has been the most influential innovation in the history of man. We now enjoy the technologies of connecting. The internet of things (IoT) is everywhere.  So, what is the Internet of Things?  Well, the term refers to a network of objects all connected electronically, fit with sensors, software, and electronics.  This network collects information… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Installing Hardwood Floors

pros and cons of hardwood floors, hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are a very popular and beautiful option for your home. There are many types of wood, patters, and installations to choose from. You even have the ability to buy pre-stained boards or bare boards. There is an option for all needs when it comes to this custom flooring. The most popular type of… Read more »